Winner of the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, BEST FILM SHORT “Crystal’s Performance is impassioned without bluster...sensitive without sentimentality- a constantly involving characterization that moves seamlessly from scene to scene to climax. Remarkable.” - Arthur Ross (Writers Guild Award Winner) “Dark Comedy with Spiritual depth.  I thought about this film days after the screening.” - Tyler Anckron, NYIFF audience member


Alex's son dies in a car accident and comes back to tell her he's okay. Her doctor tells her she will never walk again. She has split ends. She and a friend from work have gained weight. Her husband who used to want a divorce, doesn't now. And when arriving to comfort her, her mother and friends end up comforting each other. Alexandria now realizes why she's always hated the saying "Have A Nice Day." A generous portion of all proceeds goes to Project Cuddle preventing baby abandonment. All remaining donation proceeds are used to offset website cost/fees and support both post and FUTURE productions.  THANK YOU!  And....Have a Periwinkle Day This film is not available for purchase, only available for rental. Each rental will allow you two redeemable viewings of the film. Please enjoy!

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