My Best Friend’s Birthday

My Best Friend’s Birthday is a partially lost black-and-white amateur film directed, edited, co-written, co-produced and starring Quentin Tarantino.”  1987

Clarence (Quentin Tarantino) meets Misty (Crystal Shaw Martell)


  • Quentin Tarantino as Clarence Poole 
  • Craig Hamann as Mickey Burnett 
  • Crystal Shaw as Misty Knight 
  • Allen Garfield as entertainment magnate
  • Al Harrell as Clifford 
  • Brenda Hillhouse as wife 
  • Linda Kaye as ex-girlfriend 
  • Stevo Polyi as DJ 
  • Alan Sanborn as Nutmeg 
  • Rich Turner as Brandon Turner
  • Rowland Wafford as Lenny Otis

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Produced by: Quentin Tarantino, Craig Hamann  and Rand Vossler
Written by : Quentin Tarantino and Craig Hamann
Cinematography: Roger Avery, Rand Vossler, Scott McGill, Robert A Quezada

The Story behind the film

The plot revolves around Mickey (Craig Hamann) whose girlfriend dumps him on his birthday so his best friend Clarence ( Quentin Tarantino) decides to hire him a newbie call girl, Misty (Crystal Shaw) to show Mickey a good time, of course then, nothing turns out as planned and all sorts of shenanigans ensue.

Quentin Tarantino was an employee at Video Archives when co-creating MBFB.  It was put together with a bunch of family and friends from work and acting class for about $5K.

MBFB is the closest thing to Quentin making a straight comedy film, himself said to describe it as a…

“Martin and Lewis kind of a thing.”

Many scenes can be watched on YouTube under My Best Friends Birthday.


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