Thank ya Baby!

By Crystal Shaw Martell

Thank Ya Baby! is Singer/Songwriter Crystal Shaw Martell’s eclectic genre collection of songs for parents and kids to enjoy and sing together! Pop Hip Hop, Big Band, Disneyesque, Lullabies, Folk, Ballad, Show tunes, and a Waltz! First Week/Top 100/New Music #74 & #83 Children’s Chart!

Ms. Shaw Martell has been writing, recording and performing these songs for many years to delighted crowds, largely consisting of happy kids and equally happy parents. The music genre includes Big Band, Pop Rock, Pop Hip Hop, a Waltz, Ballads, Folk, and Disney-esque lullabies.

The full collection of songs on this CD were composed as a dedication to her son while awaiting his birth and his arrival via adoption! There are also many songs included for her stepchildren, her nieces, nephews and many children in her life. ¬†From that point on, Thank Ya Baby! has received interest from films, labels, studios, children’s programs, charities, commercials, and the such… creating an energy and life of its own. ¬†This new development helped encourage this actor to enjoy her love of music and children once again.

What a Blessing!

Since Miss Shaw Martell comes from a strong music background, and a family of musicians and scientists, she began sharing her joy of musical performance from the age of 7 years old, continuing an extensive musical comedy performance history throughout her schooling well into her early professional career; it was a natural marriage allowing both acting, teaching and music to express her artistry and ability to capture and exude emotion, love, beauty and joy.

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